Happy Chinese New Year



 2020 Pajama Party 

The class observed the life cycle of a butterfly, from a caterpillar to the pupa,

and finally breaking the cocoon turned into a butterfly.

The children learned valuable life education during the experience.


 2020 Reading Contest has accomplished! We are so proud of all the senior contestants!
 They have gained their confidence and interests to English reading.
 When they got back to their classroom after each round of the contest, all they wanted to do is to read more books!
 Well done kids!

 November is the month of gratitude!  What are we celebrating? Thanksgiving! What do we eat for Thanksgiving? Turkey and pudding! We had a delicious potluck with parents, sing songs, and talked about what we are thankful for. To kids, family and friends are their most treasured possessions.  Make each day count. 

The magical Calm Down Bottle can divert children's attention and also to relieve their stress.

When they shake the bottle, the floating glitters represents our constant running thoughts.

By concentrating on observing the glitters slowly falling down, it brings out the inner peace of children.

The annual Halloween which is the most anticipated event to children has come to an end. The school always designs activities carefully in order to let children enjoy and have fun. For curriculum, teachers are very elaborate as well! The class activities, not only let them learned the festival-related vocabularies and sentence patterns, but also understand the origins of Western traditional festivals, as well as the differences between Eastern and Western festivals and similar, so that the children's vision can be more versatile.

What is the content of the Science course? Scientific contact can be based on the basic skills of tools or instruments used in daily life to conduct natural science experience activities and to enhance children's ability to think and solve problems. Science education should be centered on the development of thinking structures. Teachers use the structure of thinking in various fields of science to solve various problems.

The famous story "The Giving Tree" inspires people on the warmth of giving and receiving, loving and being loved. Wagor International School's Mid-Autumn Festival is to giving warmth and caring for the lonely elderlies. Taking actual visits to the elderlies' home. Giving them necessary supplies and comfortable massages, the grandparents all have smiles on their faces.

In the dinosaur series classes, the teacher guides the whole class to shoot a frame-by-frame animation together. They have learnt not only the knowledge of animation, but also understood the importance of teamwork!
The children accumulate week by week, and slowly build up their own dinosour world. Welcome to ZhongMing School Hall to see children's dinosour world!

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