The famous story "The Giving Tree" inspires people on the warmth of giving and receiving, loving and being loved. Wagor International School's Mid-Autumn Festival is to giving warmth and caring for the lonely elderlies. Taking actual visits to the elderlies' home. Giving them necessary supplies and comfortable massages, the grandparents all have smiles on their faces.

In the dinosaur series classes, the teacher guides the whole class to shoot a frame-by-frame animation together. They have learnt not only the knowledge of animation, but also understood the importance of teamwork!
The children accumulate week by week, and slowly build up their own dinosour world. Welcome to ZhongMing School Hall to see children's dinosour world!

Graduates, we are so proud of you. You have worked hard over the last 3 years to get to this day. It has been such a joy to watch you grow and change. Today we celebrate you and the big step that you are taking into the next chapter of your lives.

Through this lesson, kids learned how the trees change with the different seasons. We painted 4 different trees with our fingers. The kids loved this sensory learning experience.

The basic ingredients include plain rice, glutinous rice or wheat. The grains are sealed in the pressure cooker and dry cooked over a slow fire for about 10 minutes, until it starts to pop. Uncle always calls out "It's popping!", so we aren't startled by the noise. He then opens the pressure cooker, which lets out a loud bang!

There is a kind of occupation, a very little rest in this job. At someone's beck and call. That is mother. Everybody is saying that the most earnest woman is the most beautiful. Therefore, the most beautiful woman is Mother. In this annual day, we give you all the blessings and wish you happy in Mother's day.

Saint Patrick’s Day, which falls on March 17 every year, is one of the most important festive days in the Irish tradition, and commemorates the death of Ireland’s patron saint. On this day, Irish people around the world hold a variety of activities celebrating the cultural heritage of the Irish tradition.

We hid different vocabulary around the playground. Students had to take a clipboard with their scavenger hunt and go around the playground to find the pictures. When they found the word, then they could cross it off! They had so much fun exploring and finding all the pictures.

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