• To celebrate Taiwan’s Birthday, our students learned about the math, engineering, technology, art, leadership and science (METALS) that makes Taiwan so special. All of the technology will be taught through the METALS framework, allowing students to develop the skills they need to win in tomorrow’s technological world.

    十 9th 2018
  • Bringing dinosaurs back to life isn’t possible, so helping students to get hands on with these creatures requires some creativity.  In our science lesson we delved into the past using fossils and talked about how paleontologists learn about life that lived more than 65 million years ago.

    十 4th 2018
  • Children always learn best when they are moving around and having fun!   So when it comes to learning key skills such as phonics, the more active and exciting the activities, the more they will remember.

    十 2nd 2018
  • This culture class was designed to give the children a hands on experience to reflect on some of our favourite aspects of Peru from the presentation observed in the first week of this month. The presentation outlined some of the most beautiful and eye catching scenery the country had to offer including the Nazca Lines, Machu Pichu and the stunning Andes mountain range. We also learnt about the people, how they dress and what they eat!We then decided on this flag craft.

    十 2nd 2018
  •     The Moon Festival is one of the most memorable holidays celebrated in Taiwan. At Wagor, we help our students to understand and cherish the value of this holiday. In the ESL department, we include holiday teaching in our curriculum.

    九 26th 2018
  •     Moon Festival is a very important cultural festival that has been around for centuries and is celebrated in different counties all over the world. We remember this story by eating moon cakes, spending time with loved ones, and looking up and admiring the beauty of the moon.

    九 21st 2018
  •      The 2018-2019 1st Semester Wagor ESL Program’s Open House, took place from September 7 to September 14. The purpose of this event was to set the stage for a successful upcoming school year. The duration was approximately two hours long for each class. 

    九 21st 2018
  • I have two eyes, so I can SEE, and a nose to SMELL. I have ten fingers that can TOUCH, they do it very well! I have two ears, so I can HEAR, the birds up in the trees. I have a tongue inside my mouth, to TASTE the food I eat.”

    九 18th 2018
  •   Attending parent-teacher conferences enables parents to better assist students' learning. This is because it allows for communication around development of their children's education and addressing of any behavioral challenges. 

    九 18th 2018
  • Learning to ride a bicycle is a key part of a child's physical development. It takes balance, agility and strength. To help our students become masters of the two wheels, they have been taking balance bike lessons. By starting without pedals, the bikes help them to build up balance and confidence, so that when they move to bicycles with pedals they can cycle comfortably.

    九 7th 2018
  • This month, the students have been learning all about German culture. German food is famous for its meaty flavors and wholesome taste, so the class made a traditional German potato salad for their culture class. After preparing the onions and potato, they added bacon to create a great European dish that any German would be delighted to eat.

    九 7th 2018
  • Fire and earthquake drills are useful for testing escape routes to evaluate their effectiveness.  Overall fire and earthquake drills help improve safety, so that we will be best prepared if a real fire or earthquake does occur.


    九 6th 2018
  • Many of us have heard the well-known proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Have you ever wondered, what makes an apple so special? Well, in addition to all the health benefits, apple is being used also as a logo on one of today’s most popular brands of computers and mobile gadgets. Hence, we have incorporated apple in our first STEM project of the new school year.

    八 30th 2018