• The once a month toy sharing day is always the day that children enjoy the most. Every day, they ask me, “Do we have toy sharing day this month? I am going to bring my Lightning McQueen toy car to play with my friends!” Students remind themselves to follow the rules, be polite and respect others to make sure that this day is really coming. With the reinforcement of such rewards; gradually, they improve their social behavior day by day.

    一 30th 2017
  • Arboretum is really a place that one can never get tired of even though the one we went is just one of the six sections in the National Taichung Science Museum, the knowledge it provides to the kids would not be less than any other sections.


    一 30th 2017
  • Here comes the annual Wagor English Speech Contest! Teachers and kids were both well-prepared for this contest. In addition to presenting the English proficiency kids have gained throughout the year, this speech contest is also a good way for parents and teachers to assess how much the kids have learned so far. Thus, we encourage our students to participate every year.


    一 30th 2017
  • When teaching my students, I always try to help the students relate a subject to their own life. For themes like Mother’s Day, or Chinese New Year, this is relatively easy. The students will have positive experiences that they can call upon and share with each other.


    一 30th 2017
  • Today, the music teacher teaches kids to think about what would fall down from the sky by guiding them with the song Rain Falling from the Sky. During the instruction, the teacher changes part of the lyrics which include “rain drop” to leaves, apples, snow, lightning, and etc…. The sound of rain drop is “Didi- Dada”; but when they sing the lyric “leaves”, the sound they make would be “Shasha- Shasha”; and “apples” for “Dongdong- Dongdong”. That way kids would be able to imagine what the sound is when things falling down, and also with the gestures, like stomping their feet, they can practice the rhythm. With multiple practices, we can tell that kids really enjoyed themselves during the whole lesson.

    一 30th 2017
  • The course of this semester has been broken into two parts. The first part was to introduce kids the artist Piet Cornelies Mondrian.By using 5 different materials, kids would be able to appreciate the different stages of the life time this artist had been through. With stories and pictures, we introduced further about the motivation this great master had in mind when creating the art work. 

    一 30th 2017

    行政總務組組長 卓組長Table

    It is very important for kids to know about school bus safety and how to protect themselves if they are ever left alone in the bus. Every semester, we hold a school bus drill, so children know what to do in this situation and how to attract attention. Children learn how to press the horn, slap on the window hard and open the door. After the drill, we are certain that Wagor kids have the ability to rescue themselves.



    一 30th 2017
  • Early childhood is an important stage for body development. Thus, kids having healthy teeth is very crucial. In order to reinforce the knowledge kids have to learn about oral health care and establish the correct healthy behavior, we are very pleased that students from School of Dentistry, China Medical University were here to share the oral health care knowledge with our senior kids in both entertaining and educational ways.


    一 26th 2017
  • Animal welfare education by far has been one element of humane education in schools and the society. It is important that kids during their early childhood receive education in loving the animals. Also, we hope that our kids learn to respect and show their sympathy to the animals after we introducing the knowledge and values related to human involvement in the lives of animals.


    一 26th 2017
  • Here is my handprint, Five fingers in all,

    Outside they are short, but the middle is tall

    You will find them on windows, you can find them on the wall

    They will make a big mess, for something so small

    One day I will grow, and leave them no more,

    My hand prints will be missed, of that, I am sure.

    So here is one now, that you can’t wipe away

    My present to you, this mothers’ day

    一 26th 2017
  •       At wagor Laicuo campus, how do we teach our kids the importance of this special holiday? The teaching department of our school decided to introduce this tradition which has been carried out for generations with love by having our children tracing their hands down on a card, and putting a ring on one of the fingers to show that the love and warmth their mothers provided to them. This thankful ring means that children at Wagor love their mother so dearly and now let’s look at these creative works our kids made together! 

    一 25th 2017
  • I have been an English teacher for the past 8 years in Taiwan. In that time I have seen many different forms, ways and ideologies as to which is the best way to engage and inspire young learners. The obvious method of 'listen to the teacher and repeat', just doesn't cut it in this day and age. So where do we go from here? What's the next approach?


    一 25th 2017