• In order to lead the children into the future, coding, namely programing, is one of the abilities that each child should be equipped with. By following the teacher’s step by step instructions, our children can become little engineers in our coding class with the help of Dash & Dot.

    三 12th 2018
  • A series of great performances coming from our Wagor children make our Chinese New Year party remarkable. With Chinese New Year’s coming, children also experience the dumpling making, which is a symbol of wealth, namely “Yuan-Bao”.

    二 13th 2018
  • How exactly our neighborhood looks like and how our community exactly works? Apart from the lesson in our classroom, we decided to go out and visit around our neighbors, hospital, convenience store and our children’s favorite, RT-MART. The class trip was just like an adventure!

    二 9th 2018
  • Today, Wagor Zhong-Ming Campus had our annual school wide Pajama Party!!We spent the morning in our pajamas laying in our beds. We did some of our lessons in bed and play games. Parents didn’t need to do much except to send kids to school wearing their pajamas today!!Our children enjoy their Pajama Day!

    二 2nd 2018
  • Reading contest, to all of the students here, is just a practice for their basic speaking skill. By going through preparing the reading contest, they are able to improve their phonics, comprehension, sentence pattern, and confidence, which is the most important thing for our children to speak in front of people. No matter what the result of reading contest is, we are all proud of our children.

    一 24th 2018
  •  At Wagor, our children learn in many different ways through our theme-based curriculum. To make them fully competitive, they are learned to build confidence, develop problem solving skills and cultivate their creativity. By this activity, we have such a wonderful opportunity to show you what we really do in our classroom.

    一 9th 2018
  • With Christmas coming, we can see the Christmas trees, hear the Christmas songs and watch people laugh in everywhere. During this time, we celebrate this wonderful day with our families, teacher and of course the friend at school are no exception. Merry Christmas!

    十二 25th 2017
  • Congratulate our student Faye from Penguin class on winning the first price of sport stacking from the group – “CYCLE.” Want to see how fast she can be? Here comes the challenger – Teacher Stark. Who will win?

    十二 8th 2017
  • With Thanksgiving Day coming, children are getting more and more excited. They can’t wait to see their dearest parents to come to school and celebrate this special day with them. For our thanksgiving, our school is full of not only the wonderful foods that we shared, but also the grateful hearts from each one of us.

    十一 24th 2017
  • To immerse ourselves in the country, Romania, teacher and the children decided to bring their castles here. Everyone worked together as a team to build the most unique castles by their fantastic imagination.

    十一 14th 2017
  • According to our science lesson – five senses, kids are eager to learn more, touch more and feel more. After the discussion between teachers and students, we decided to go to ice cream factory for our field trip to experience how to make a lovely popsicles by our own hands.

    十一 3rd 2017
  • With Halloween coming up, here come a lot of spooky skeletons, evil witches and the scary ghosts. The wonderful and the amazing costumes that made by daddy and mommy make our little monsters alive. During the Halloween cat walk party, our school, all of sudden, looks like a scary haunted house, but with the joy and the happiness. On Halloween activity, we prepared witches hunt, zombie jump, and the haunted house challenge. We had a really fun time!!

    十 29th 2017
  • There is a snack that always holds an unshakable place inside children’s heart. That is “Ice cream!” With the idea of making the ice cream, children learn to know how the machine works, how the ice cream forms and what it tastes like.

    十 14th 2017