• We discussed the possible things we can do with this theme and at the end of the theme we would like to have our own ice cream window or truck so we can experience what it feels like to own an ice cream store. We also talked about branding and picked a name for our store and our name is Berry Good!

    六 23rd 2022
  • What are fossils? Fossils are the remains or traces of plants and animals that lived long ago. Fossils give scientists clues about the past. For this reason, fossils are necessary to paleontology, or the study of prehistoric life.

    六 9th 2022
  • What a great celebration today! Let's build a massive dragon boat! Let's paint the body red, give it some golden scales. I think it's gonna look perfect!

    六 2nd 2022
  • We first spoke and acted out the original story of how the transformers came to be, almost every day I ask the students to recap this story for me and they rock at explaining it all.

    五 26th 2022
  • Our senior finalists from both Zhong-Ming and Lai-Cuo campuses came together to perform their speeches.Our judges and parents were wowed by their confidence and enthusiasm to entertain an audience who had braved the rain to be there. It was a wonderful occasion and our little superstars made us so proud!

    五 14th 2022
  • At first, we wanted our new theme to be about animals. We learned about the classification groups for vertebrates. However, the students started to ask questions about pharaohs, pyramids, and mummies from Egypt, so as a class we agreed to change our theme. We are now learning about Ancient Egypt.

    五 9th 2022
  • Here we go, the year of Tiger!!That was another wonderful year spent with our beloved Wagor Zhong–Ming students. To celebrate and welcome a good year ahead, we invited a magician to school and he showed us so many amazing tricks!!What a blast our students had! We hope that everyone has a very fruitful holiday. Have a lovely family time and stay safe!

    一 28th 2022
  • Christmas is a magical time of year and we went all out at Zhong-Ming campus! Teachers set the tone with morning carols, not one but two Christmas concerts filled the school with festive spirit, as kids sang and danced!

    十二 31st 2021
  • 延續萬聖節主題課程「海底世界」,我們即將啟程車發到寶熊漁樂碼頭,帶領孩子探索海底各種魚類和生物。孩子們DIY各式各樣海底生物的書籤及明信片,沉浸在海底世界的小寶貝們,身邊都冒泡泡了

    十一 8th 2021
  • This Halloween we are bringing our students underwater to a lost kingdom hidden on the seabed. Scary things await them in a huge sunken pirate ship where the kids can play games and sneak past monsters. Can they find the treasure and escape before the pirates catch them?!?!

    十 29th 2021
  • Annnnd this is how we celebrate Taiwan's 110th birthday!!!1,2,3!We are the soldiers!

    Marching, marching!We are the soldiers!What do you think of that?

    Happy birthday, TAIWAN!!!

    十 7th 2021
  • Our talented students scratched out the golden lights of the fish and they shine through the black ink. They also decorated the artwork with crayons and created those dancing water plants to complete the whole masterpiece. Everyone has their own ideas for their artwork and we hope their creativities blossom just as their colourful water plants do in the calming sea.

    十 6th 2021
  • We had lively Moon Festival celebrations all over Zhong-Ming Campus.Our talented Wagor students made mooncakes, BBQ and pomelo hats to welcome Chang'e and Hou Yi.All the students definitely enjoyed the party and their smiles melted us as well.Happy Moon Festival everyone, stay safe and have a great weekend!

    九 21st 2021
  • Welcome back to school everyone!

    On their first day of school, some children came with tears on their faces. They were crying when leaving their parents because it was so hard to say goodbye.

    To some children, kindergarten is their first school EVER! How do we make them feel like home?

    九 10th 2021
  • 【停課不停學老師線上來教你】



    五 19th 2021