• "Shakey, Shakey, Earthquake Alert!

    When the ground dances, here's what to do:

    九 21st 2023
  • We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support and trust in our kindergarten. Your unwavering commitment to our educational philosophy fuels our dedication.

    Our very first 1-1 parent-teacher conferences for this school year have been a great success!

    九 15th 2023
  • At the beginning, the kids feel scared, they might cry. But we will give them a big hug and smiles.

    九 8th 2023
  • Our Hedgehog class had a super cool adventure when they opened their very own tiny ice cream parlor! They learned all about yummy ice cream flavors and toppings, and even got to visit a real ice cream shop to see how it's done!

    九 1st 2023
  • Join us on a whimsical adventure to the Caterpillar Cafe, where the pint-sized baristas of Caterpillar Class serve up smiles and sweet treats!

    Our little chefs have whipped up a world of wonder, crafting their very own cafe booths from magical cardboard and baking the most delectable donuts and desserts you've ever seen!

    八 22nd 2023
  • Our Senior Class kids are incredibly obsessed with Mario Brothers!

    They can name one and every character and their personal traits. Robin Class had a day dressing up in Mario themed costumes and learnt all about the different kingdoms.

    八 16th 2023
  • The movie, Barbie has certainly created a worldwide phenomenon, even our senior kids won’t stop talking about it! The curiosity for learning everything of the Barbie world has encouraged our teachers to come up with a new theme.

    八 11th 2023
  • This is a very special Father’s Day. We have invited a few Daddies and the kids for a secret interview.

    Daddies and the kids have no idea that both of them will be interviewed. Let’s find out how these children look up to their Dads.

    八 8th 2023
  • A Whirlwind of Adventures on Day One: Kindergarten Chronicles!

    Picture this: a kaleidoscope of emotions, giggles, and backpacks bigger than the kids themselves.

    八 1st 2023
  • The graduation event by Zhong Ming Campus was yet another enchanting blend of heartwarming drama and mesmerizing visual effects.

    七 21st 2023
  • Get ready to witness an adorable display of determination and teamwork as our little champions take the field in an epic battle for glory at the Wagor Kindergarten Dodgeball Tournament!

    七 14th 2023
  • Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duan-Wu Festival, is a traditional holiday celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

    Wagor sutdents made and tried Zong-Zi, a pyramid shaped rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. With kids’ creativity, they came in different shapes and sizes!

    六 22nd 2023
  • There is so much going on in the community around our neighborhood. We started the theme by talking about our school, moving on to the hospital next to us, the nearby fire station, local markets and parks, and the apartment buildings of which some of our students live in.

    六 16th 2023
  • Wagor's graduation trip was perfect and so much fun!

    As a tradition for the senior kids, we brought our graduates and their families to Wan-Ruey Forest Park on a graduation trip.

    六 8th 2023
  • Senior classes nailed their very first talent show at Brave the Stage last week!

    Wagor Zhong Ming campus cares and promotes each and every child’s personality. We believe everyone is exceptional and unique in their own way.

    五 26th 2023