• As time passes, our kids are starting to learn how to be strong and step forward to get ready for their everyday learning. By taking part in our PTA meeting, we are now closely linked with parents to assist their child’s progress at our school. The purpose of the PTA was to help them fully understand what our school can offer to improve child’s future.

    八 25th 2017
  • All the graduates have been studying and working very hard all year to reach this very special day. So many great memories and momentous events have molded our class this year. From August until now we have had pageants, holiday carols, our speech contests, and so much more. All of the teachers are very proud of the efforts put forth by the students. Congratulations, graduates. We will miss you and wish you all the best.

    七 10th 2017
  • At Wagor kindergarten, we have a very special class that every student enjoys the most in their senior year- Club time!! All of the senior students get to choose what club they like and have fun with students from other classes once every week. Teacher Adam and his cooking club brought our little Wagorians to the kitchen and experienced the FUN with food! Not only did the students learn all about the knowledge of food hygiene, but also kitchen hazards and safety. 

    七 16th 2017
  • With Dragon Boat Festival’s coming, everybody is fully prepared for their dragon boat race. Children are holding the little boats which are made by the milk boxes. Except rice dumplings, dragon boat race or sachet making, its history is also an important thing for kids to know why we will do these in Dragon Boat Festival.

    六 4th 2017
  • Guide dogs are trained to help those people who are unable to see. Within darkness, they play a very important role to lead the way and the right direction. We invited those little angels with the trainers to come to let our kids see them, touch them and understand them.

    五 19th 2017
  • Mother's day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards their mother. In order to celebrate this big day for our mom, kids are busy preparing cards, flowers and cakes. What makes the cakes so special is that they make it with their dearest mommy. There is so much love for mothers in our campus.

    五 14th 2017
  • Here is the list of all of our amazing speakers from 2017 Wagor Speech Contest!

    Well done everyone! We are so proud of you !


    五 13th 2017
  • For celebrating this special day – children's day, we decided to have an exciting water fight with all of our kids. With their incredible equipment,I'm sure that they are ready for this.

    四 8th 2017
  • According to our curriculum, kids learned about car, bus, aircraft and lots of transportations. So this time, we brought them to have a train ride for their field trip.

    四 4th 2017
  • To prevent our children from being locked in the car, we teach and train them how to save themselves by the right way.

    三 25th 2017
  • In order to get our children closer to different cultures of the world, we lead them to explore Egypt today.

    三 9th 2017
  • Here's how our little Wagorians got inspired by the beauty of art and how they collaborated with the famous artist, Wang,Ren-Jei in oil painting.

    Special thanks to Millennium Hotel and Resorts in Taichung for bringing our students to participate in the opening press conference. 

    二 15th 2017
  • Come watch our kindergarten kiddos celebrating Chinese new year! We had exciting performances brought by students and teachers,too!There were great activities and games for students to enjoy. The whole campus was immersed in such a fun vibe!Take a look at out kiddos' smiles and let us all look forward to a prosperous Chinese new year!

    一 26th 2017
  • Here is the list of all of our amazing readers from 2017 Wagor Reading Contest!

    Everyone gave out their best effort in the contest and did an amazing job!

    What a pleasure to watch our little readers read stories for us, it was a great fun! :)

    Welldone everyone! We are so proud of you guys!

    一 19th 2017