Wagor Kindergarten was established in September 2000.It is located at the intersection of Zhong-Ming Road

     and Da-Ya Roadas a 1,800 square feet sized campus.We expanded the area of our servies by launching the

     Lai-Cuo campus in September 2003. Wagor Kindergarten has had a competitively profound reputation for

     nearly 16 years. Not only do we focus on children's language development, we also emphasize their character

     building foundation. A consistent 16 year bilingual program starting from kindergarten will open many doors for

     Wagor students ensuring a bright future. Our campus is set in an exquisite and immense surrounding. 

     It is furnished with the best and the safest preschool classrooms and equipment. There are themed classrooms

     wth unique decor for a more authentic learning environment. We has a central kitchen providing organic

     vegetables and fruits for our growing children.









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