Our students just loved to create and share facts about animals for our Animal Theme.

Ginger Park....  An epic adventure where our students got the opportunity to go on an adventure and discover many facts and amazing things about the wonderful creatures that used to roam the earth thousand of years ago - DINOSAURS.

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Do you know where is Antarctica? Do you know who live in Antarctica?

When it comes to Graduation, students are all filled with a jumble of emotions because any graduation means that they are “stepping up”.

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four major traditional Chinese festivals, making it an important Chinese culture for children to learn.

From the beginning of school to now, I watched the babies in the kindergarten class all the way, from crying and unwilling to leave their mother to the school, to gradually getting used to the liveliness of teachers and classmates, and establishing a routine life schedule.

2022 葳格ESL國小部-英語演講比賽-決賽榜單

2022 葳格幼兒園英語演講比賽-決賽榜單

Did you ever ask yourself whether pineapples grow on trees or not? For our Culture lesson, our little explorers “visited” our neighboring county, Nantou which is famous for growing lots of pineapples.

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Mother's Day-母親節


Even though there are so many different languages around the world, the word “Mama” is universal which just confirms how special this word is.

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